San laurentino - love potion e.p. - San Laurentino - First Love

Buy: http:///prod/SanLaurentino-FirstLove-Aficionado- http:///products/san-laurentino-first-love-ep http:///products/san-laurentino-first-love-ep/591654-01/ http:///NADO017_-_San_Laurentino_-_First_Love_Ep_-_12inch__204795 http:///shop/en/item/san-laurentino-first-love-ep-450319 http:///item/137060, Review: Awaking from the dreamstate of Gryningen's hazy library inspired 10", we find Aficionado's expert selectors well rested and in the mood for a dance. Utilising their extensive network of global connections, Moonboots and Boardman enlist Hungarian producer San Laurentino to raise spirits and pulses with a deep and diverse collection of body movers. Perfectly conjuring the nostalgic melancholy its title suggests, opening track 'First Love' takes us by the hand for one last dance under the stars. Cinematic pads sweep around a snapping drum pattern as a signorina from Rimini embraces a Basildon boy, seeing out the summer season to the hair raising chords and spine tingling sequences of a San Laurentino's masterpiece. While that holiday romance might have come to an end, 'Back To The Stars' leads you off in search of new experiences. Emotive pads, undulating bass sounds and celestial keys vie for attention while the solid kick, intricate percussion and lively hats play out a swaying rhythm. Then all of a sudden the track changes tack completely, tripping out to a modular melody and sinuous techno bassline before reaching a soul soothing conclusion. On the B-side 'Long Way Home' lulls us into a false sense of security via a gentle drumbox bossa, before thick bass stabs and a tough new beat rhythm take control of our bodies. Once again San Laurentino packs the track with atmospheric chords but this time adds delicate guitars and subtle piano, balancing the steely rhythm section with deep emotional resonance. Closing the EP with unrivalled sophistication, 'Amici' sees San Laurentino drop the tempo and concoct an irresistible low slung groove before expanding our minds with wavering pads, hypnotic chimes and misty synth vox. The perfect finale to an EP certain to leave you misty eyed on the dancefloor. Officially Aficionado

San Laurentino - Love Potion E.P.San Laurentino - Love Potion E.P.San Laurentino - Love Potion E.P.San Laurentino - Love Potion E.P.

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