Shed seven - one hand clapping - the unreleased demos 2001-2003 - Craig s Shed

458-2 / 7 Paul, I Corinthians 12, did the same thing, talking about there were many gifts, but it's the same Spirit. So you see, if you're working, like with one thing, then be changed to come over to this other thing over here (you know what I mean); you–you study down that line, you get the people and a…
Now, their hearts are all set. What is these Seals? Their attention's, "What is it?" Night by night when I come in here there's such a tension, till I have to talk about something else to kinda get–get it quietened (You see?), and then the Holy Spirit breaks forth the Seal. And then–then I have to… Each night like that… Then when we change that to healing or something (See?), you–the people's all set on one thing; you can't hardly change it back to the other right away.

Musical Youth 's Pass the Dutchie from 1982 is a landmark British single that sold five million copies, went to here, Top 10 in the US and resulted in the Birmingham reggae band becoming the first black act to be played on MTV - months before even Michael Jackson . As we reported recently , their story became mired in difficulties and tragedy when the hits dried up a couple of years later, but two original members - singer Dennis Seaton and keyboardist Michael Grant - reformed Musical Youth in 2001 and the group's been ongoing since then. A new album, When Reggae Was King, is slated for release this year along with a full tour. They're also playing Rewind Scotland in July - an 80s festival with a host of other acts from the decade.

More on e-commerce and internet competition. "You cant fit a bottom bracket over the Internet" Okay, its not a direct quote but the superb book "The Case for Working with Your Hands: Or Why Office Work is Bad"  makes the case for the internet being unable to hammer in a nail.  More and more business's are thinking local, doin the right thing by customers, here is one my examples.  An Edinburgh resident, who is Aberdour born and still has family in the village makes contact, front gear changer not working and front wheel buckle.  Turns out the wheel buckle is an incorrectly mounted Conti Mountain Race tyre, sometimes they dont seat well, front changer is a cable retension and reset the limit travel screws.  Ten minute job using 1 allen key, 1 screwdriver, 1 wheel truing stand and my experience and skills - charge £5 - because that makes sense to me.  That the job was done on a Saturday morning while he waited, says so much more than saving £15 on a new chainset or £3 on the same Shimano cassette that I can fit for you.

Shed Seven - One Hand Clapping - The Unreleased Demos 2001-2003Shed Seven - One Hand Clapping - The Unreleased Demos 2001-2003Shed Seven - One Hand Clapping - The Unreleased Demos 2001-2003Shed Seven - One Hand Clapping - The Unreleased Demos 2001-2003

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